Windsor Cay Resort – New Vacation Homes For Sale near Disney World

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Windsor Cay Resort Claremont

We are ecstatic to unveil Windsor Cay Resort, the crown jewel in a prestigious heritage of vacation home communities near the enchantment of Disney World. This exclusive development heralds the last chance to own premium property in an area where such grandeur cannot be replicated again—making Windsor Cay Resort a luxurious beacon for discerning investors and holidaymakers alike.

Seamlessly blending the intimacy of Claremont boutique hotels with the allure of Claremont vacation rentals, this pristine resort is tailored for those who seek the ultimate escape. And with the Susan Benante Team at Fathom Realty orchestrating exclusive buyer incentives, unparalleled in the market, Windsor Cay Resort Claremont transforms from a dream into an attainable paradise.

Key Takeaways

  • Last opportunity to invest in the renowned line of resorts near Disney World with no additional land available for similar developments.
  • Exclusive buyer incentives provided by the Susan Benante Team at Fathom Realty, including substantial savings and benefits.
  • Invest in the harmony of luxury living and lucrative vacation rental potential unique to Windsor Cay Resort Claremont.
  • Experience personalized services and support post-sale, ensuring a seamless transition into your new resort lifestyle.
  • Embrace the chance to become part of a privileged community, enjoying lavish amenities and accommodations.

Discover the Exclusive Windsor Cay Resort Claremont

At the threshold of luxury accommodations, Windsor Cay Resort Claremont emerges as a beacon of upscale leisure and exclusivity. Nestled at the harmonious confluence of Highway 192 and Highway 27, near the vibrant Cagan’s Crossings, we are setting a new paradigm of opulence in resort living. Our privileged guests and discerning investors are presented with the unique opportunity to indulge in a sanctuary that rivals the most exclusive Claremont accommodations.

Imagine a retreat where every detail reflects grandeur and every moment resonates with tranquility. We offer a rare combination of updated, spacious floor plans akin to those admired at Windsor Island Resort, now enhanced to surpass expectations. Here, amid the Claremont luxury resort landscape, the seamless interweaving of comfort with elegance awaits those who wish for nothing less than extraordinary.

The exclusive buying incentives, a hallmark only available through our partnership with the Susan Benante Team at Fathom Realty, accentuate the allure of Windsor Cay Resort. Our compelling offers ensure that our clientele receives one of the most favorable arrangements within this coveted enclave. We take pride in not only promising but also delivering a lifestyle of unprecedented luxury accommodations Claremont has yet to experience.

Join us, and be part of a legacy that is Windsor Cay Resort—where dreams are not just envisioned but manifested into the summit of luxury living.

Experience Luxury Living Near the Magic of Disney World

Envision a place where every sunrise promises enchantment and every sunset whispers the possibility of another day in paradise. At Windsor Cay Resort, we transform this vision into reality, offering an exquisite collection of private residences tailored for those who aspire to a luxurious Claremont vacation getaway. Here, the allure of Disney World’s magic is just moments away, beckoning a myriad of Claremont travel experiences that resonate with both adventure and serenity.

Stunning Home Models with Personalized Details

We take pride in our diverse range of home models, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail and designed for the ultimate in comfort and style. From the charming allure of the Castaway Townhome to the opulent 10-bedroom Clearwater Grand House, our homes boast improvements inspired by their prestigious predecessors, ensuring a personalized touch of luxury in every corner. Enhanced with private, heated pools, these residences are not mere houses; they are sanctuaries crafted for creating lasting memories.

Resort-Style Amenities for Ultimate Relaxation

The quintessence of our Claremont vacation rentals isn’t just the homes themselves but also the world-class amenities that make our resort an oasis of relaxation. With access to a spacious 24-hour manned clubhouse, indulgence is a constant companion, whether you’re sipping artisan coffee at our full bar and café or basking in the Florida sun by our zero-entry resort pool. Engage in friendly competition on our sports courts or unwind in a whirl of leisure activities that cement Windsor Cay Resort as the epitome of resort living – all crafted to enhance your Claremont travel experience.

Take Advantage of Limited-Time Buyer Incentives

At Windsor Cay Resort Claremont, we understand that the ideal vacation home is not just about location and luxury—it’s also about seizing opportunities that enhance value and provide financial benefits. That’s why we’ve collaborated with the Susan Benante Team at Fathom Realty to present an extraordinary offering for those considering Claremont vacation rentals as their next investment or personal oasis.

For a brief period, our exclusive buyer incentives have been significantly amplified, making now the ideal moment to contemplate ownership within this illustrious resort. Whether you’ve envisaged yourself in a cozy townhome or sprawling single-family residence, taking decisive action during the advantageous Phase 1 release affords you additional subsidies towards not only closing but also furnishing costs, creating a sanctuary that’s perfectly attuned to your desires.

The synergy between our available incentives and those provided by builders ignites a compelling proposition, ensuring that your investment is not only emotionally satisfying but also financially prudent. As you deliberate the array of Claremont vacation rentals, know that Windsor Cay Resort Claremont stands peerless, both in promise and in practice. We invite you to delve into the available literature or engage in a discussion with our team to grasp the full extent of these limited-time incentives—and to find your place within the Windsor Cay Resort legacy.

Windsor Cay Resort’s Prime Location and Accessibility

Embark on an unparalleled journey to a place where luxury meets convenience at Windsor Cay Resort. Our resort is seamlessly woven into the fabric of Clermont’s growing community, fostering a destination that is as inviting as it is accessible. We pride ourselves on the unmatched location of Windsor Cay Resort, an idyllic spot that epitomizes the quintessential Claremont vacation getaway, blending the charm of local culture with an enticing proximity to some of the world’s most beloved attractions.

Proximity to Theme Parks and Attractions

Our resort serves as a gateway to adventure, positioned just moments away from the Disney complex and other exhilarating theme parks. For guests seeking Claremont travel experiences filled with wonder and excitement, the convenience of our location offers an effortless transition from the peace of Windsor Cay Resort to the heart of entertainment, ensuring every day can be as action-packed or as serene as you wish.

The Appeal of Clermont’s Vibrant Community

Claremont’s vibrancy extends beyond the thrills of nearby theme parks; it encapsulates a zest for life found in local shopping, dining, and recreational gems that dot the landscape. This burgeoning enclave is a treasure trove of experiences that beckon travelers and residents alike, promising a wealth of activities to enrich every Claremont vacation getaway.

An Investment Opportunity with Impressive Returns

At Windsor Cay Resort, we believe in crafting experiences that extend beyond the realms of ordinary Claremont vacation rentals. Our vision has always been to offer our community not just a slice of luxury but also a prudent financial decision with impressive returns on investment. In the vibrant vicinity of Disney World and a host of other attractions, the properties within Windsor Cay Resort sit at the perfect nexus of demand for short-term rentals. This translates into a high rental potential for our homeowners, a vital component in the realm of Claremont investment opportunities.

We are delighted to extend the opportunity of ownership within this resort, where each home is a gateway to potential earnings. Our collaboration with Susan Benante’s trusted network means that homeowners are privy to additional perks – complimentary rental leads. This unique offering is designed to help you maximize the return on your investment, by efficiently tapping into a ready market of tourists, adventurers, and families seeking the perfect vacation stay.

When you invest with us, you’re not just purchasing property; you’re making a strategic investment that promises both personal enjoyment and financial benefits. Through these luxurious residences, we offer an unparalleled chance to join an elite class of homeowners who understand the true meaning of value. With Windsor Cay Resort, you gain access to an investment that is as rewarding as it is resplendent – a rare juxtaposition in the holiday home market today.

Immerse Yourself in Windsor Cay Resort Amenities

Step into a world of unparalleled splendor and comfort at Windsor Cay Resort, where the extensive array of Windsor Cay Resort amenities harmonizes with the luxuriant aura of exclusive Claremont accommodations. We invite you to explore the exceptional facilities and experiences crafted to fulfill every desire for relaxation and entertainment set against the backdrop of beautiful Clermont.

Lavish Clubhouse and Dining Experiences

Our resort’s magnificent clubhouse stands as the premier gathering place, offering an oasis of indulgence where you can enjoy sumptuous dining experiences. The lush interiors lead you to a full-service bar and café, where culinary delights and crafted beverages await. With a communal room designed for both events and personal leisure, it’s easy to see why this space is central to the community’s vibrant social life.

Recreational Facilities and Family-Friendly Activities

Windsor Cay Resort is a sanctuary for active spirits and those seeking a serene retreat alike. Our fitness center is equipped to meet all your workout needs, while the glistening resort-style pool and whimsical water slides promise hours of refreshing enjoyment. Family-friendly fun thrives here with a children’s splash pad, sports courts for friendly competition, and a charming 9-hole putt-putt golf course. As the sun sets, gather around the welcoming firepit or watch as young imaginations come to life at the community playground. These are the moments you’ll cherish forever.

Windsor Cay Resort Clubhouse and Amenities

Understanding the Windsor Cay Purchasing Process

Embarking on the journey to securing a slice of paradise at Windsor Cay Resort Claremont is smoother and more gratifying than one might imagine. We’ve curated a purchasing process that amplifies the joy of acquiring luxury amidst enchanting surroundings. Our array of Windsor Cay Resort amenities paired with the allure of lush living spaces, ensure a seamless transition from prospect to proud homeowner.

Starting with enticing financial incentives, we’re pleased to champion a more accessible entrance into the echelons of luxury. A considerable sum of $7,500 is allocated towards closing costs, accompanied by a generous $6,000 to cover HOA dues on purchases – a boon for those opting for cash transactions or financing through our preferred lenders. These prospects highlight the tangible benefits of choosing Windsor Cay Resort as your sanctuary.

Securing your investment requires a prompt deposit upon the reservation of your desired property, be it a townhome or a grand single-family residence. And it is here where our commitment to creating value for our clients shines through. Through collaboration with a seasoned buyer’s agent such as Susan Benante, you may unlock additional incentives that enhance the worth and satisfaction of your investment.

It’s not merely about purchasing a property; it’s an exercise in obtaining a lifestyle. Through carefully guided steps and support from Susan Benante’s revered expertise, we ensure that your journey is as luxurious as the destination. We extend genuine anticipation for engaging with you to curate an unmatched living experience in the esteemed setting of Windsor Cay Resort Claremont.

Meet the Expert Team Behind Windsor Cay Resort Sales

Unveiling the masterpiece that is Windsor Cay Resort Claremont, we are proud to shine a spotlight on the distinguished Susan Benante Team at Fathom Realty—the virtuosos turning dreams of luxury living into reality. Recognized for tailoring bespoke home-buying experiences, they embody the essence of Claremont boutique hotels, bringing the same meticulous service and personal attention to the realm of real estate.

Susan Benante’s Personalized Home Buying Assistance

Delving deep into the wants and needs of our clientele, Susan Benante has cultivated a sterling reputation for providing home buying services that go well beyond the expected. Her repertoire of buyer incentives and her heartfelt commitment to personalized assistance carve out an experience that epitomizes high-touch service, akin to the coveted stays at the most illustrious Claremont boutique hotels. It’s this level of individualized attention that ensures a seamless and delightful home buying journey.

Why Choose an Experienced Windsor Resort Sales Agent

Renowned for her extensive know-how on the Windsor Resort series, Susan Benante’s expertise has been invariably invaluable for clients seeking that quintessential Windsor Cay Resort Claremont experience. From navigating the complexities of real estate deals to securing the most beneficial incentives, Susan’s adeptness as a seasoned sales agent is evident in the chorus of testimonials from elated homeowners. Their voices echo the wisdom of choosing a guide who not only knows the way but ensures the path leads to the forefront of luxury and satisfaction.

Explore the Available Vacation Home Floor Plans

We at Windsor Cay Resort Claremont invite you to discover our diverse collection of vacation home floor plans, each tailored to meet a spectrum of preferences and requirements. From intimate getaways to grand family reunions, each home within our assortment of Claremont vacation rentals is a testament to the luxury and comfort synonymous with our name.

Luxury accommodations Claremont

Envision dwelling in one of our opulent residences, such as the Castaway Townhome or the expansive Clearwater Grand House. With floor plans that span from five to a staggering ten bedrooms, our properties promise space for every occasion and intimacy when desired. We understand that your home is a sanctuary, and our commitment to excellence is reflected in every detail of these luxury accommodations Claremont offers.

Whether you are captivated by the quaint charm of the Lakeshore and Winstone homes or the magnificent allure of the Seashore and Baymont houses, each abode boasts its own heated pool—ensuring your blissful serenity remains uninterrupted. Dive into the exclusive world that Windsor Cay Resort Claremont provides, where your private retreat awaits amidst landscapes of unparalleled beauty and amid amenities that cater to every whim.

Peruse our available floor plans and find your perfect match. Every building in our sanctuary is designed with the same ethos: to create a legendary living experience that stands tall amongst the Claremont luxury accommodations. Connect with us today to embrace the future of resort living—a future that’s crafted with your dreams at heart.

Join an Exclusive Community of Luxury Vacation Homeowners

In the heart of Florida’s thriving entertainment landscape, Windsor Cay Resort represents the pinnacle of Exclusive Claremont accommodations. For those who choose to call this Claremont luxury resort their home, a life of refined elegance and hushed opulence is not a mere aspiration, but an everyday reality. Here, we foster a sanctuary where the rush of nearby adventures is beautifully contrasted by the tranquility of private resort living.

Every home within this community has been designed to provide an experience that transcends the ordinary. Immersing yourself in this exquisite enclave means relishing in Claremont travel experiences that are both exhilarating and serene. As vacation homeowners at Windsor Cay Resort, we are united by our appreciation for the finer things in life, where each sunrise is a canvas for enjoyment, and every sunset, an invitation to luxurious repose.

It is with great pride that we collaborate with the Susan Benante Team at Fathom Realty, offering their expertise to guide you in securing a spot in this unique community. Their dedication ensures that your journey is not just toward owning a prestigious property, but toward becoming part of a legacy of distinction. By choosing Windsor Cay Resort, you are not just investing in a home—you are curating a lifetime of cherished memories and joining a select cadre who understand the true essence of luxury resort living.


What sets Windsor Cay Resort Claremont apart from other vacation rentals in the area?

Windsor Cay Resort Claremont is the latest and last premium development near Disney World, offering a unique opportunity to own a slice of luxury in a community that combines privacy with proximity to major attractions. Its luxury accommodations and exclusive amenities set it apart from typical Claremont vacation rentals and boutique hotels.

How do the exclusive buyer incentives work at Windsor Cay Resort Claremont?

Through the Susan Benante Team at Fathom Realty, prospective homeowners can receive exclusive buyer incentives that promise significant savings. These can include subsidies toward closing and furnishing costs, on top of the builder’s incentives, especially during the first phase of release.

What type of homes are available at Windsor Cay Resort and what amenities can owners and guests enjoy?

Windsor Cay Resort offers a variety of home models, from the Castaway Townhome to the 10-bedroom Clearwater Grand House, each with a private, heated pool. Amenities include a 24-hour manned clubhouse, full bar and café, zero-entry resort pool, sports courts, and activities for luxurious relaxation and family-friendly entertainment.

What makes Windsor Cay Resort an ideal investment opportunity?

The high demand for short-term rentals near Disney World, coupled with Windsor Cay Resort’s prime location, provides homeowners with high rental potential. Moreover, the complimentary rental leads from Susan Benante’s network enhance the opportunity for robust investment returns.

Where is Windsor Cay Resort located, and what attractions are nearby?

Positioned at the intersection of Highway 192 and Highway 27 at Cagan’s Crossings, Windsor Cay Resort offers convenient access to Disney World and other theme parks. It is also part of the vibrant Clermont community, which is known for its shopping, dining, and recreational activities, contributing to the Claremont travel experiences.

What recreational facilities and activities does Windsor Cay Resort offer?

The resort features an array of amenities that include a state-of-the-art clubhouse, fitness center, water slides, children’s splash pad, sports courts, miniature golf, firepit, playground, and more, enabling residents and guests to fully enjoy their Claremont vacation getaways.

Can you explain the purchasing process at Windsor Cay Resort?

The purchasing process is designed for clarity and ease, with potential for added incentives for working with a preferred buyer’s agent like Susan Benante. Incentives can include discounts towards closing costs and HOA dues, among others, and a deposit is required to reserve a home.

Why is it beneficial to choose an experienced Windsor Resort sales agent?

An experienced Windsor Resort sales agent like Susan Benante offers personalized buying assistance, exclusive buyer incentives, and invaluable expertise that stem from a successful track record in the Disney Area Vacation Home Sales market.

What are the available vacation home floor plans at Windsor Cay Resort?

Potential homeowners can choose from a variety of floor plans designed for exclusive living, with options ranging from five to ten bedrooms, each featuring personal touches, space, comfort, and individual pools.

How can I become part of the exclusive community of luxury vacation homeowners at Windsor Cay Resort?

By securing a home at Windsor Cay Resort, you join an elite community that balances Florida’s lively entertainment scene with the tranquility of resort living. The Susan Benante Team at Fathom Realty is ready to assist you in finding the right home for an unforgettable Claremont travel experience and luxury accommodations.

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