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windsor cay Villas for sale

Welcome to a realm of sheer elegance and comfort at Windsor Cay Resort, where we are delighted to introduce an exquisite collection of luxury villas Windsor Cay has to offer. Since sales commenced on November 2, 2022, the buzz has been building around our premium Windsor Cay property listings, and we are here to provide you with all the intricate details. For those seeking a slice of paradise in Clermont, FL, our exclusive Windsor Cay real estate portfolio invites you to explore unrivaled luxury living.

Discover the pinnacle of opulence with our Windsor Cay Villas for sale, built to provide an ambience of sophistication and tranquility. The chance to own a bespoke luxury villa in one of Florida’s most prestigious communities is now a reality. We’ll assist you in finding the perfect residence that mirrors your aspiration for excellence and indulgence.

As we delve into the particulars of what makes Windsor Cay stand apart, our discerning clientele will appreciate the lavish lifestyle that awaits. The stunning villas not only promise sumptuous design and serene poolside living but also proximity to world-renowned attractions, ensuring your investment is as enjoyable as it is wise.

Key Takeaways

  • Windsor Cay Villas feature bespoke luxury in the serene setting of Clermont, FL.
  • Property sales began on November 2, 2022, offering a unique opportunity in premium real estate.
  • Each villa promises a lifestyle of luxury, complete with private heated pools and refined architecture.
  • Strategically positioned near attractions for an excellent investment and quality of life.
  • Our dedicated team is ready to guide you through the selection of your Windsor Cay property.

Explore Windsor Cay Resort’s Latest Offering: Castaway 5 Bedroom Townhomes

In the vibrant heart of Clermont, FL, we are thrilled to unveil the Castaway 5 bedroom townhomes, the newest addition to the illustrious Windsor Cay Resort. These homes embody luxury and provide a unique opportunity for those on a quest to find Windsor Cay villas for sale. Castaway townhomes are not only a living space but a lifestyle enhancement designed to cater to the most opulent of tastes.

Introducing The Castaway Townhomes

Picture yourself in the expansive 2271 sq ft of elegance that the Castaway townhomes offer. Thoroughly crafted with a sophisticated eye for detail, these townhomes boast three full suites ensuring privacy and comfort for all residents. As you step inside, the Castaway welcomes you with a blend of luxury and practicality that is unparalleled in the Windsor Cay homes for sale market.

Exceptional Design Features and Floor Plans

Every Castaway townhome is a showcase of exceptional design, featuring a 13′-3″ x 16′-5″ Owner’s Suite on the second floor. On the first floor, a convenient bedroom with a full bathroom provides easy access and functional elegance. The second-floor loft is an assemblage of space and versatility, meant to augment the living areas below. Contemporary design choices extend outdoors with a private courtyard, a sparkling pool, and thoughtful owner’s storage to ensure that every aspect of your comfort is addressed.

Own Your Private Sunshine Retreat in Clermont, FL

We invite those looking to secure a private retreat under the Floridian sun to contact us for the latest information on castaway 5 bedroom townhomes for sale. These homes present an idyllic escape within the confines of the resort where luxury meets leisure. Seize the opportunity to own a piece of Windsor Cay Resort—and with it, a slice of paradise.

Premier Location and Resort-Style Amenities at Windsor Island Resort

As champions in the luxury real estate market, we are proud to highlight the remarkable feat achieved by Windsor Island Resort. This coveted destination, synonymous with the lavish Windsor Cay luxury properties, has clinched an unparalleled success story. Renowned for its prime position in the Orlando area, the Windsor Island Resort has carved out a niche for itself, boasting a completely sold-out Phase 3. This heralds a significant success for those eyeing the flourishing Windsor Cay villas market, as it underscores the desirability of such an esteemed locale—situated just a stone’s throw, 8 miles, from the magical Disney World.

Windsor Island Resort’s Sold Out Success Story

Our shared journey into Florida’s premium property market reveals that the allure of the Windsor Island Resort extends well beyond its proximity to Disney. It’s a narrative of exceptional vacation rentals and swift sales, attributing its sell-out status to the unmatched community-focused amenities and strategic locational advantages that have become the benchmark for excellence. As we turn the page from the phenomenal success of Windsor Island, we find the same promise of upscale living awaiting in the newer enclaves of Windsor Cay Resort.

Resale Opportunities: Don’t Miss Out!

For those seeking entry into our prestigious community, we bring uplifting news. With the advent of negotiated resale prices and the advantageous inclusion of inspection and financing contingencies, the door to ownership within this exceptional market is wide open. The availability of resale options presents a rare second chance for discerning buyers to invest in a sanctuary of comfort and luxury that is Windsor Cay Resort. We extend a cordial invitation to you, lovers of the finer things in life, to claim your haven in a community where every sunrise promises a day of opulent tranquility.

Windsor Cay Villas for Sale

Delving into the embrace of luxury, we present an opportunity to buy Windsor Cay Villas, a testament to elegant living nestled within the prestigious Windsor Cay Resort. The onset of sales has set the stage for discerning buyers to acquire a piece of Clermont, FL’s most coveted real estate. With offerings starting from the mid $500s, these homes resonate with the splendor of refined architecture and the promise of a grand lifestyle.

The allure to Windsor Cay homes for sale extends far beyond their opulent façades. The intrinsic value is deeply embedded in the meticulously sculpted landscapes and the interior grandeur that these residences exhibit. Each villa at Windsor Cay is an architectural marvel, matching the desires of those who seek solace in the lap of luxury while not forgoing the comforts of a modern well-equipped home.

As we beckon you to immerse yourself in the exclusivity of luxury villas Windsor Cay holds, we are excited to guide you through this unparalleled real estate voyage. The intricacies of our homes cater to a distinguished lifestyle, offering a sanctuary where every corner is instilled with extravagance and every moment is enveloped in grace.

Buy Windsor Cay Villas

The essence of Windsor Cay Villas lies not just in their breathtaking designs but also in the serene ambiance they capture. Within this realm, you are invited to live your dream amidst beauty and tranquility, with each sunrise heralding a new horizon of possibilities. These villas are not mere structures; they are abodes of luxury awaiting the touch of those aspiring for a life befitting royalty.

We invite you to reach out and seize this once-in-a-lifetime chance to join an esteemed ensemble at Windsor Cay Resort. A venture into this expanse of magnificence offers you more than a splendid home; it provides a lavish experience seamlessly woven into the fabric of Clermont’s vibrant tapestry.

Investment Opportunities with Windsor Cay and Windsor Island Resorts

As we explore the flourishing market of Windsor Cay Villas for sale, we uncover unique investment opportunities that promise both luxury living and rewarding returns. Windsor Cay Resort boasts a series of extraordinary buyer incentives that enhance the value proposition for discerning investors and homebuyers in the Windsor Cay Villas market.

Exclusive Buyer Incentives for Windsor Cay Villas

Our team, led by Susan Benante, extends a warm invitation to potential buyers, offering a remarkable incentive: a minimum of $11,500 towards closing costs with every new home purchase at Windsor Cay Resort. This initiative is designed to bolster your investment, easing the transition into your new luxury abode within the Windsor Island Resort enclave. As we present these Windsor Cay homes for sale, we also highlight the significant savings presented through these incentives. This is our way of thanking you for choosing to invest in the grandeur of Clermont’s fine living.

Your Path to a Luxury Investment in Windsor Cay

Join us on an excursion into the realm of high-end investment. We guide you through a path lined with the allure of Windsor Cay’s resort-style living, ensuring that your investment extends beyond mere property ownership. The incentives we offer are part of a broader commitment to foster a prosperous Windsor Cay Villas market. Whether opting for builder financing or deploying flex money to reduce your home’s purchase price, the opportunities to magnify the potential of your investment are immense at Windsor Island Resort.

Together, we’ll navigate the landscapes of this sought-after locale, mastering the art of securing a prosperous future. Windsor Cay and Windsor Island Resorts beckon with open arms, offering a world where luxury aligns with wise investment choices. Allow us to illuminate your journey towards owning a piece of this Floridian sanctuary.

Custom Luxury Villas Await in Windsor Cay Resort

At Windsor Cay Resort, we take immense pride in presenting an **exquisite lineup** of custom-built luxury villas that embody the quintessence of sophistication and personalization. Designed to meet the unique lifestyle demands of our discerning buyers, these **luxury villas Windsor Cay** has to offer are more than just homes—they are personal retreats that promise **unparalleled satisfaction** for those who choose to reside in them.

Embark on a journey where every detail is meticulously crafted to ensure that each estate stands as a lasting emblem of **Windsor Cay luxury properties**. From indulgent indoor spaces that ooze comfort and **luxury** to outdoor havens perfect for relaxation or hosting gatherings, our villas are tailored to enhance and elevate your living experience.

Whether you seek the perfect backdrop for your serene lifestyle or a stately space conducive for entertainment, our **luxury villas Windsor Cay** collections offer them all. Each **Windsor Cay real estate** option we put forth is not just crafted with grandeur in mind but with a deep understanding of what **luxurious living** truly entails.

Embrace the possibility of unwinding in your own customized oasis within Windsor Cay Resort—an invitation to indulge in a place where luxury is a standard, and tranquility is a given. Let us assist in curating your bespoke haven, a space where every corner, every view, and every moment reflects the pinnacle of upscale living.

Orlando’s Continued Attraction: Why Windsor Cay Villas are in Demand

Our heart skips a beat for the remarkable charm Orlando offers, ushering in an era where Windsor Cay homes for sale are not just a trend but a lifestyle choice for many. As we witness the dawn of a new chapter in this vibrant city, it stands to reason that luxury villas at Windsor Cay are highly sought after by those who appreciate the finer things in life, including Orlando vacation homes.

A Destination Like No Other: The Allure of Orlando

There’s an undeniable magnetism that Orlando exudes, drawing visitors and residents alike to its sunny embrace—an impressive average of 233 days of sunlit skies per year. This glowing allure becomes even more pronounced for those seeking to establish their nests in the indulgent comfort of luxury villas Windsor Cay offers. It’s no simple feat to resist Orlando’s invitation, with its vast array of cultural, entertainment, and leisure attractions.

Orlando’s Infrastructure and the Booming Vacation Rental Market

Moreover, the city’s thriving infrastructure, embellished by continuous investments, adds to the sheen of Windsor Cay Villas, placing them in high demand. The strategic location, only 30 miles from the latest terminal at Orlando International Airport, makes commuting a breeze for homeowners and guests, ensuring their luxurious sanctuary is but a comfortable journey away from anywhere in the world.

The vacation rental market in Orlando is burgeoning, fortified by the proximity to thrill-seekers’ havens like Walt Disney World Resort™, Universal Studios, and Sea World. This booming industry amplifies the allure of Windsor Cay homes for sale, positioning them as prime real estate for those who desire an extravagant Orlando getaway home that doubles as a shrewd investment.

Orlando Vacation Homes

Windsor Cay’s Signature Villas: A Glance at Luxury Features

Stepping into the realm of Windsor Cay, we are greeted by an astounding array of signature villas, each showcasing the zenith of luxury living. As we behold these magnificent dwellings, it’s clear that the artisanal approach to their design is what sets them apart in the coveted market of Windsor Cay Villas for sale. With a palette of deluxe features, these homes embody the ultimate in upscale allure and are a true reflection of the premium lifestyle that Windsor Cay Resort is renowned for.

Unmatched Comfort: 5-10 Bedroom Configurations

The meticulous curation of floor plans within these distinguishing residences provides a versatile array of bedroom configurations, catering to an array of lifestyle demands. From the expansive Castaway Townhouse, perfect for accommodating large families or guests, through to the sumptuous Clearwater Grand Villas, each space is conceived with the utmost comfort in mind. Whether for intimate family living or opulent entertaining, these 5 to 10 bedroom homes address every nuance of luxury and convenience.

Design Excellence: Granite, Tile, and Stainless Steel Details

Every villa within Windsor Cay boasts interior design elements that spell pure elegance. Granite countertops adorn the kitchens, offering both beauty and durability, while luxurious tile work in the bathrooms conveys a sense of lavishness that’s hard to miss. Further punctuating these spaces with modern sophistication, stainless steel appliances gleam, promising a harmonious blend of form and function. This architectural finesse extends throughout the villas, presenting a living experience where each detail resonates with grandeur and grace.

Amenities Galore: Embrace the Vacation Lifestyle at Windsor Cay Resort

We at Windsor Cay Resort understand that the true essence of vacation living is captured not just in the comfort of your home, but in the vast array of amenities that surround you. That’s why we’ve created an enclave of Vacation Inspired Amenities designed to cater to every aspect of entertainment, leisure, and wellness. Here, amidst the beauty and tranquility of Clermont, Florida, you’ll find a lifestyle steeped in the luxury that only a Resort-Style Pool and an array of exclusive facilities can provide.

Entertainment for Everyone: From Lazy River to Sports Courts

The heart of Windsor Cay Resort’s community beats with a rhythm of activity and joy. The centerpiece—an alluring Resort-Style Pool—is framed by the gentle flow of a lazy river, creating a waterfront haven that beckons relaxation. But the allure doesn’t stop at the water’s edge. Onsite, we host a tavern and grill where the perfect meal complements a day in the sun, and our full-service concierge is on hand to facilitate every request you may have. Our activities director ensures there’s always something new to explore, making every moment at Windsor Cay Resort an unforgettable experience.

Complete Relaxation: Your Own Private Heated Pool and More

For those moments of solitude or intimate gatherings with loved ones, each villa features its very own private heated pool—a testament to the Windsor Cay Resort amenities philosophy that every resident deserves a personalized slice of paradise. Beyond these pools, you’ll find meticulously maintained sports courts and a state-of-the-art fitness center designed to fuel your active lifestyle. And for our youngest guests, a world of imagination awaits at our community playground, water slides, and splash pad. It’s a vacation-inspired living experience designed with your complete relaxation in mind.

Discovering the Range: Windsor Cay Villas’ Distinctive Home Designs

As the leaders in showcasing premier properties, we at Windsor Cay Resort are excited to bring forward a spectrum of Windsor Cay property listings, each with a distinct character and unparalleled luxury. Embark on a journey through our portfolio and you’ll find homes designed to suit the various needs and aspirations of those looking to invest in exceptional Florida living.

In our commitment to offering the finest, we’ve curated a collection that celebrates diversity in design while maintaining our signature standard of luxury. Each property, from the cozy splendor of the Lakeshore House to the grandeur of the Clearwater Grand Villas, presents a unique living experience in the sun-kissed landscape of Clermont, FL.

From the Lakeshore to Clearwater: Find Your Perfect Villa

For those seeking the warmth of a family home without compromising on space or style, the 5-bedroom Lakeshore House is an impeccable choice. Boasting generous square footage and smartly designed layouts, this villa offers serene waterfront views and an ambiance befitting those cherished family moments.

Meanwhile, the Clearwater Grand Villas are the epitome of luxury for those requiring ample room for entertainment or for housing guests in a stately fashion. With up to 10 bedrooms, these villas are a testament to our pursuit of creating spaces that not only accommodate but also inspire and enrich the art of living.

Our collection of Windsor Cay property listings is uniquely tailored to satisfy the most discerning tastes, ensuring that each home is not merely a residence but a cornerstone of a luxurious lifestyle. We cordially invite you to discover the range and find your perfect villa within the prestigious Windsor Cay Resort.

Windsor Cay and Windsor Island: A Comparison of Luxurious Exclusivity

As we usher in a new era of luxury living at Windsor Cay Resort, it’s impossible not to reflect on the rapid sell-out of Windsor Island Resort and what this milestone implies for Windsor Cay’s future. The success story of Windsor Island Resort not only accentuates the demand for such high-caliber luxury properties but also illuminates the path for Windsor Cay villas for sale. With Windsor Island now a fully realized dream for its residents, Windsor Cay emerges as the new beacon of indulgence for those desiring a similar tapestry of exclusivity and splendor.

Why Windsor Island Resort’s Sell-Out Points to Windsor Cay’s Bright Future

The sell-out phenomenon witnessed at Windsor Island Resort serves as a lucid prologue to the promising narrative we are crafting at Windsor Cay. A testament to the Windsor series’ calibre, such a swift move to sold status reinforces the desirability of places like Windsor Cay luxury properties. For those with an eye for opulence who may have missed out on Windsor Island, Windsor Cay presents a golden opportunity to partake in a similarly exclusive community that promises to live up to, if not surpass, its predecessor’s grand legacy.

As we continue to offer Windsor Cay villas for sale, indicators point towards a vibrant market trend. Buyers are consistently drawn to the allure and investment potential of these stunning dwellings. With an ensemble of graceful architecture, lavish amenities, and a prime location near Florida’s most famous vacation hotspots, the future of Windsor Cay shines bright, paralleling the success of Windsor Island Resort with the same promise of luxury and exclusivity.

We’re excited to see Windsor Cay villas echo the Windsor Island Resort’s triumphant narrative, inviting buyers to be a part of this exclusive community. Each sale opens a new chapter in the enduring legacy of the Windsor series, with Windsor Cay resort carving out its own niche in the realm of luxury living. Be part of this exceptional experience, and seize the unmatched opportunity to invest in a tranquil and lavish lifestyle with us.


What makes Windsor Cay Villas a luxurious living option?

Windsor Cay Villas offer luxury living with exclusive features like personal heated swimming pools, elegant architectural design, and a promise of a refined and relaxed lifestyle in the sunny locale of Clermont, FL.

Can you tell us about the Castaway 5 Bedroom Townhomes at Windsor Cay Resort?

The Castaway townhomes feature 5 bedrooms and 4-5 bathrooms, boasting a generous interior and luxury features like a private courtyard, heated pools, a spacious owner’s suite, and ample storage. They define convenience and luxury for the discerning buyer.

What successes has Windsor Island Resort experienced that might reflect on Windsor Cay Resort?

Windsor Island Resort has seen tremendous success, with the complete sell-out of Phase 3 homes. Its success story – driven by its prime location and incredible appeal – sets a positive precedent for Windsor Cay’s market potential.

What types of investment opportunities do Windsor Cay and Windsor Island Resorts offer?

Windsor Cay and Windsor Island Resorts offer a variety of investment opportunities, including buyer incentives like significant contributions towards closing costs or flex money that can be applied towards the purchase price.

What custom design features do the luxury villas at Windsor Cay Resort include?

The luxury villas at Windsor Cay Resort feature custom-built designs with attention to detail visible in every aspect, from the elegant granite and tile work in kitchens and bathrooms to the overall architectural sophistication.

Why are Windsor Cay Villas in high demand for vacations and rentals?

Windsor Cay Villas are in high demand due to their proximity to Orlando’s top attractions, like Walt Disney World Resort™, and the region’s infrastructure, including an expected boost from Orlando International Airport’s new terminal, which promotes a strong vacation rental market.

What types of unique features do Windsor Cay’s signature villas offer?

The signature villas at Windsor Cay are available in configurations from 5 to 10 bedrooms and are distinguished by their luxurious features such as granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and meticulous design catering to both aesthetics and functionality.

What amenities are available for residents of Windsor Cay Resort?

Windsor Cay Resort amenities cater to leisure, entertainment, and wellness, offering a 24-hour manned gated community, a resort-style pool with a lazy river, a tavern and grill, concierge, an activities director, sports courts, a fitness center, and a community playground.

Can you explore the range of distinctive home designs at Windsor Cay Villas?

At Windsor Cay Villas, prospective buyers can explore a diverse range of home designs, from the 5-bedroom Lakeshore House to the 10-bedroom Clearwater Grand. Each design addresses different lifestyle needs while maintaining the high standard of luxury living.

How does the rapid sell-out of Windsor Island Resort bode for Windsor Cay Resort’s future?

The sell-out of Windsor Island Resort suggests a robust market interest in luxurious properties within the Windsor communities and indicates a promising outlook for Windsor Cay Resort as it starts offering its own luxury villas for sale.

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